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TRAMONTANA (Neroli) - Refill Diffuser 500 ml / Pumo Pugliese

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TRAMONTANA (Neroli) - Refill Diffuser 500 ml / Pumo Pugliese

Refill Diffuser 500 ml       

"Passionate about very evocative fragrances, the quest for quality and craftsmanship for refined and natural environments"

TRAMONTANA - (Neroli) - The Fragrance

 Delicate blend of Neroli, bitter orange blossom, lemon and bergamot leaves.

It evokes the cool wind of the north of the evenings spent watching the stars.
The bitter orange blossom has soothing and relaxing properties.


The fragrances are the result of careful and passionate research by a well-known Italian master perfumer, able to interpret the essence of Puglia and translate it into unique and unforgettable olfactory notes.

PUMO PUGLIESE is a journey through the atmospheres of Puglia, its simplicity and richness.


Plastic bottle 500 ml (with sticks)

  1. #Brand#
    PUMO PUGLIESE born from the passion for artistic ceramics, design and essences that evoke memories and stimulate the associated sensations on their land, the Apulia region in Italy.
    The philosophy that inspires their creations is reflected in the artisanal character of each ceramic artefact, made by the potters masters and in the choice of perfumes with unique olfactory notes, fruit of the meticulous work of a master perfumer who shares with them the passion for the evocative fragrances and the quest for quality and craft excellence for refined and natural environments

  2. #How to use#
    The first time, put all the sticks in the bottle for 30 to 60 minutes before returning them.
    We advise to return the sticks once a day, according to the desired intensity of the perfume.
    It is important to put all the sticks in the bottle.
    It's necesseray to change sticks all 5-6 months maxi. 

  3. #Timing#
    Diffusion time 100 ml: 1 to 2 months
    The duration of a fragrance depends on the characteristics of the environment where it is located (space, height of ceilings, openings, curtains, etc ...), heating, direct sunlight and drafts, which can accelerate evaporation.

    In order to have a product with an always perfect image, we recommend to buy also a refill of the same perfume and to add it regularly.

    This caution prolongs the life of the Perfume, which will only vaporize through the sticks and thus prevent dissociated evaporation between gasoline (less volatile) and alcohol (more volatile)