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PHUKET LOTUS Candle - AQUA (600h) / ONNO

(Code: ON272)

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PHUKET LOTUS Candle - AQUA (600h) / ONNO
  • PHUKET LOTUS Candle - AQUA (600h) / ONNO
  • PHUKET LOTUS Candle - AQUA (600h) / ONNO

Candle 23 x 26 cm
600 hours

Luxury Scented Candle Handmade
This unique fragrances take you on a journey from Africa to Thailand, that inspired Onno.  Perfumes are a stunning combination of fragrances that bring a touch of luxury to your home and your life.  Sophisticated, luxurious perfumes that infuse your home with an inviting, intriguing scent. 


Revel in the calming aroma of the Lotus scented candle from the ONNO luxury collection. 

Lotus is packaged in a beautiful ONNO designed, hand-cut glass and sends waves of scent around the room to energize and invigorate your senses. 

With floral and touch of fruit notes, plus a base of sweet musk, this candle is truly unique. 

The scent will transport you into a zen mood. Lotus is a calming aroma with the added attraction of floral aromas – this candle will make your home a delicate fragranced place..

Candle 23 x 26 cm (600 hours approx) - 8 wicks
Handmade in Belgium with exclusive perfumes
Special pure wax and 100% cotton wicks
Delivered in a luxury black gift box

Please note : that due to the hand pouring process of the wax, small imperfections may appear on the surface, these impurities will disappear once the candle is burnt.

  1. #ONNO#
    Made in Belgium to the highest standards, innovative ONNO candles tell the story of exotic lands and distant lands. The subtle fragrances come from Grasse, where each blend has been carefully created. Sophisticated and luxurious scents that infuse your home with an inviting and intriguing scent. Praised by leading interior designers and world-renowned brands, ONNO candles are beautifully wrapped in hand-cut glasses and bring a luxurious and beautiful fragrance to your home.

  2. #How to use#
    To appreciate your candle to the maximum, it is essential:
    - to light all the wicks
    - burn your candle until the surface is completely liquid
    - do not burn candles for more than four consecutive hours.
    - never leave a lit candle unattended. Do not burn candles near pets or children.
    - keep the bits cut ½ cm before each use.
    - If the wick develops a rounded tip, turn off the candle. Cool and remove the tip by pinching between the fingers with a cloth.
    - remove all flammable candle debris before burning.
    - do not leave pieces of burned wick or matches in your burning candle otherwise it could catch fire.
    - to protect the container and avoid damaging the surfaces, do not burn your candle to the end, leave ½ cm of unmelted wax and remove the excess by heating the wax in a bain-marie.
    - always burn candles on a flat, heat-resistant surface.