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Les Sens du Monde : Natural Cosmetics
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N149 BLACK OAK - Refill Candle 260 gr / L:A BRUKET

(Code: 11010)

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N°149 BLACK OAK - Refill Candle 260 gr / L:A BRUKET

Refill Candle 260 gr 

wax organic soy

Refill for candle BLACK SOAP

L:A BRUKET scented candles are made of wax from organic soy
hand poured into mouth blown glasses by skilled craftsmen. 

The rich scent and the glass design brings a wonderful  
ambience to any room. 

Some of the candles will boost your 
energy levels when you are feeling tired and weary, while others will help you relax and unwind.

BLACK OAK scent :
A scent of blackened oak and Nordic woods. 
Formulated with cashmere wood and birch to give a calming and strengthening aroma experience that brings an urban soul back to nature.

How to use :
1. Remember that it is better to leave the candles lit little time rather than a whole evening so that their fragrance is more intense and last longer.
2. Cut the wick to 0.5 or 1 cm in length before lighting it to limit the emission of soot.
3. If you are concerned that the surface on which you have placed the spark plug is damaged, place the lid under the glass to protect it from the heat of the spark plug if it is completely consumed.

The + product:
Keep the glass because L:A Bruket candles are refillables

Organic and/or natural ingredients