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MASAI MARA (clove-sage-tobacco) Diffuser 500 ml / Jambo Collections

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Diffuser 500 ml

Clove - Sage - Tobacco

The authentic scents of Jambo make you travel around the world.
The range is inspired by distant and exotic lands, and bears names that speak to the imagination.
 It combines an intense olfactory experience with a luxurious and aesthetic object.

The MASAI MARA diffuser was inspired by a nature reserve located in southwestern Kenya, bordering the Serengeti plains

It diffuses a fragrance with notes of Clove - Sage - Teak wood - Tobacco

500ml diffuser with black sticks

Handcrafted and sustainable production
Jambo offers a perfect harmony between fragrances and experiences. Natural scents that create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, combined with decorative objects.
The scents are developed with renowned perfumers from the city of Grasse, the epicenter of perfumery, in order to seek the perfect ingredients and components to create their luxurious perfumes with a unique character.
Further production and development of Jambo fragrances takes place entirely in Belgium.
They call on local craftsmen who master their specialty to perfection to produce a unique and exclusive product.

Ecological Jambo… of course!
Jambo works as much as possible with raw materials and natural materials.
The diffuser caps are made of solid wood, which makes each home fragrance unique.
The bottles, they use Italian design glass and for the sticks, we have opted for excellent quality rattan from Indonesia.

For every home fragrance bottle and set of fragrance sticks sold, a beautiful, vigorous tree is planted in the Sahel. The organization Ondernemers Zonder Grenzen (Entrepreneurs Without Borders) brings life and prosperity to areas heavily affected by deforestation and desertification. Jambo intends to compensate for the wood used to manufacture the caps of its bottles by supporting this beautiful project.

  1. #How to use#
    Insert all the sticks in the bottle for 30 to 60 minutes before turning them over.
    Then, we recommend turning the sticks once or twice a day, depending on the desired intensity of the fragrance.

    The duration of a perfume depends on the characteristics of the environment where it is located (space, height of ceilings, openings, curtains, etc.), heating, direct sunlight and drafts, which can accelerate evaporation.

    The perfume diffuser must be placed in the center of the room: each time someone passes by, the air circulates and the perfume diffuses. For larger spaces, we recommend using two, placed on either side of the room you want to scent.