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Box Candle + Diffuser - Mokara / VOLUSPA

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69.00 €
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Box Candle + Diffuser

Mokara -Perfume with delicate notes of orchid flowers and white lily, and green spring moss creating a fresh and light aroma.

Original packaging and extraordinary scents.
Signature of the Voluspa brand for the Japonica collection, a superb personalized stamped glass container.

Candle 175 gr 
50 hours of use approximately
Parfum contains +10% essential oils
Hand molded wax, 100% vegetable based on coconut and apricot oil
100% cotton wick

Diffuser 100 ml + 10 black sticks
4-5 months
Flip sticks weekly for extra life and fragrance.

No animal testing
Free of phthalates, parabens and sulfates
USA manufacturing
  1. #Brand#
    Alimentée par un amour pour l'art, de parfums et de belles lumières, les fondateurs de Voluspa,Troy et Traci Arntsen créé leur première bougie parfumée dans leur cuisine californienne en 1999. 

    Alliant le nez d'experts de Traci et sa connaissance de la botanique à l'ingénierie de Troy, plus technique, le duo à contribué à développer la combustion propre et puissante des bougies parfumées de renom dans l'industrie.

    Voluspa un mélange crémeux de cire de coco améliore résolument le parfum et donne une combustion ultra propre, ce qui fait le délice des consommateurs du monde entier.

  2. #Wax Voluspa#
    Voluspa is one of the first companies specializing in the manufacture of candles to market coconut wax. This wax is made after harvesting coconuts and then cold pressing to harvest the coconut oil. This oil is then transformed into coconut wax using a hydrogenation process, identical to that used for soy wax.
    1. Enables clean burning.
    2. Superb finish and a gorgeous white creamy texture.
    3. Contains a high level of fragrance.
    4. Works great with perfume smell. Does not interfere with the true notes and character of the fragrance in any way
    5. Eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing without pesticide.

  3. #How to use#
    To enjoy your candle to the fullest, burn your candle until the surface is completely liquid.
    Don't burn candles for more than four consecutive hours.
    Never leave a burning candle unattended.
    Don't burn candles near pets or children.
    Keep the wicks cut to ½ cm before each use.
    If the wick develops a rounded tip, extinguish the candle. Leave to cool and remove the tip by pinching between the fingers using a tissue.
    Remove all flammable debris from candle before burning.
    Don't leave bits of burnt wick or matches in your lit candle or it could catch fire.
    In order to protect the container and avoid damaging the surfaces, don't burn your candle to the end, leave ½ cm of unmelted wax.
    Always burn candles on a flat heat resistant surface.