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Sticks "Natural" Diffuser 250 ml - Dr Vranjes Firenze

(Code: FRV00N10)
Sticks for diffuser :

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Sticks "Natural" Diffuser  250 ml - Dr Vranjes Firenze

Stick for Diffuser n°10
H34 cm

Bamboo Sticks for Diffuser 250 ml
34 cm

Natural or Black sticks

Dr. Vranjes has selected the best quality sticks.
Once impregnated with perfume and directed upwards, the stick releases its aroma in the room in a progressive and enveloping way.
It is necessary to replace the sticks when you change the perfume or when they are saturated with perfume (all 6 months), thus no longer able to ensure their function.

  1. #Brand#
    Dr. Vranjes Firenze in Florence was created in 1983 from the passion of Dr. Paolo Vranjes, pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist.The sophisticated design of the bottle is gently inspired by Florentine architecture , this precious jewel invites you to discover its own history and to awaken forgotten memories...
    Each home fragrance Dr. Vranjes Firenze is a unique creation , which are used in natural essential oils carefully measured, which contains at least 10% of perfume.
    Natural essence (not synthetic) is a living element that makes it unique the scent Dr Vranjes brings incredible benefits and associated practices Aromatherapy and Aromacology .

  2. #Direction for use#
    The correct placement for your home fragrance is the central area of the house, so that the parfume is captured and spread in all the ambiences by the people passing by. 

    For a better use, avoid direct solar exposition of the bottle or in proximity to heat sources, since that heat may affect the evaporation of the fragrances.

  3. #How to use#
    Change the sticks at each filling of the diffuser.
    The perfume is diffused by capillary soaking the rattan sticks and gradually released into the air by evaporation.
    Broadcasters have a greater or lesser time depending on the size of the room and ventilation.