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Les Sens du Monde : Natural Cosmetics
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VANIGLIA MANDARINO - Room Spray 100 ml / Dr Vranjes Firenze

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VANIGLIA MANDARINO -  Room Spray 100 ml / Dr Vranjes Firenze

Room Spray 100 ml 

Home fragrance :  Vaniglia Mandarino
A sweet union of opposites which reminds the snacks of childwood, the cakes leavening in the oven while we children followed the smell with our little greedy nose.

Presented in a luxurious bottle " Duomo " , inspired by the dome of the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.

Glass bottle spray 100 ml 

  1. #Fragrance#
    VANIGLIA MANDARINO : The citrus essence of the Tangerine, immediate and precious, spreads everywhere combining with the sweetness of the warm and passionate heart of Vanilla.

    Area : Kitchen, Children's room

    Activity : A purifying fragrance, perfect for doing enjoyable, calming activities, especially, suitable for children's bedrooms.

  2. #Olfactory ambience#
    The "Soft Fruity" range are essences which evoke memories of childhood, past moments and small pleasures which reassure and accompany us with their unmistakable scents.

  3. #Brand#
    Dr. Vranjes Firenze in Florence was created in 1983 from the passion of Dr. Paolo Vranjes , pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist .

    The sophisticated design of the bottle is gently inspired by Florentine architecture , this precious jewel invites you to discover its own history and to awaken forgotten memories ...

    Each home fragrance Dr. Vranjes Firenze is a unique creation, which are used in natural essential oils carefully measured, which contains at least 10% of perfume.

    Natural essence (not synthetic) is a living element that makes it unique the scent Dr Vranjes brings incredible benefits and associated practices Aromatherapy and Aromacology .