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Les Sens du Monde : Cosmetics & Fragrance
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Mademoiselle Saint Germain (France)

French Historical Cosmetics

Made in France and made with French ingredients

Mademoiselle Saint Germain is the realization of the project of a couple of pharmacists from Versailles passionate about History for one and cosmetics for the other.

It is the first cosmetics brand inspired by historical beauty secrets and formulated with exclusively French ingredients (92 to 98%), from plants grown in the King's Vegetable Garden of Versailles (94 to 98% natural ingredients).

Focused on naturalness and zero-waste, Mademoiselle Saint Germain is a brand:
* Confidential: in limited editions, the products offer your skin the best of plants
* Authentic: with its history and vegetal extracts free of fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers
* Eco-responsible: with a choice of local raw materials and recyclable containers.

Mademoiselle Saint Germain represents a new way of taking care of our skin but also of our environment.
In Stock
37.00 €
Radiance Cream with Queen of Hungary Water / Mademoiselle Saint Germain
Radiance Cream 50 ml
with Queen Hungary Water

Radiance, Balance, Antioxidant

Moisturizing care, prevents the appearance of signs of age and balances skin flora.. a cream with a silky...
In Stock
25.00 €
Radiance Lotion with Queen of Hungary water / Mademoiselle Saint Germain
Radiance Lotion 100 ml
with Queen of Hungary water

Radiance, Balance, Antioxidants

Beauty elixir with a antioxidant action from a pure extract of rosemary.. Detoxifies and protects the...
In Stock
20.00 €
Revitalizing Exfoliating Mask (75 ml) / Mademoiselle Saint Germain
Revitalizing Exfoliating Mask 75 ml
inspired by Cucumber Pommade

Moisturizing & Energizing care

Granity care combining a gesture of hydration and freshness with a gentle exfoliation
In Stock
26.00 €
Revitalizing Eye Contour Care / Mademoiselle Saint Germain
Revitalizing Eye Contour Care 8 ml
inspired by Cucumber Pommade

Moisturizing & Energising care

based on a unique variety of cucumber. Natural tensing effect, Reduces wrinkles and fine...