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GINGER LIME - Diffuser 2.500 ml / Dr Vranjes Firenze

(Code: FRV0014F)

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GINGER LIME - Diffuser 2.500 ml / Dr Vranjes Firenze
  • GINGER LIME - Diffuser 2.500 ml / Dr Vranjes Firenze
  • GINGER LIME - Diffuser 2.500 ml / Dr Vranjes Firenze
  • GINGER LIME - Diffuser 2.500 ml / Dr Vranjes Firenze

Diffuser 2500 ml 

Home fragrance with sticks : Ginger Lime
Pungent, zingy ginger and fresh lime combine with intense vetiver to produce this stimulating, dynamic fragrance.

Presented in a luxurious bottle " Duomo " , inspired by the dome of the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.

Bottle 2.500 ml  (84,50 fl.oz) with sticks 60 cm (22-23 months)

  1. #Fragrance#
    GINGER LIME :Lemon & Lime, Ginger, Young ginger root & Vetiver, White pepper, Colonial essences

    Area : Work / Study room

    Activity : Stimulates the mood and reduces feelings of anxiety and fatigue while helping to improve concentration and enriching the air with purifying components.

  3. #Olfactory ambience#
    The "Spiced Romantics" range are evocative fragrances, deep and mystical, essences from distant lands which bring with them a hint of magic.

  4. #Brand#
    Dr. Vranjes Firenze in Florence was created in 1983 from the passion of Dr. Paolo Vranjes, pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist.
    The sophisticated design of the bottle is gently inspired by Florentine architecture , this precious jewel invites you to discover its own history and to awaken forgotten memories...
    Each home fragrance Dr. Vranjes Firenze is a unique creation , which are used in natural essential oils carefully measured, which contains at least 10% of perfume.
    Natural essence (not synthetic) is a living element that makes it unique the scent Dr Vranjes brings incredible benefits and associated practices Aromatherapy and Aromacology .

  5. #Direction for use#
    The correct placement for your home fragrance is the central area of the house, so that the parfume is captured and spread in all the ambiences by the people passing by. 

    For a better use, avoid direct solar exposition of the bottle or in proximity to heat sources, since that heat may affect the evaporation of the fragrances.

  6. #How to use#
    Remove the cork and set in it all sticks you have.
    Turn upside down the sticks once a day
    Pay attention not let drop the fragrance
    Set in again the sticks