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Les Sens du Monde : Natural Cosmetics
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AHAVA (Dead Sea)

The area of ​​the Dead Sea, because of its unique ecosystem abounds with natural elements with exceptional nourishing properties for the skin: water, salts, mud and plants that have shown for centuries their regenerative properties and anti-aging incontestable for smoother skin, softer and visibly healthier.

In 1988, Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories has started clinical and scientific studies to understand the power of these minerals on the skin metabolism. Since then, our R & D department has continued its efforts to achieve a number of patents and a unique formulation quality.
All products AHAVA contain the exclusive patent AHAVA: the Osmoter

AHAVA's exclusive mineral blend of Dead Sea natural minerals. Contains the most essential minerals for skin: Magnesium (Mg), Sodium (Na), Potassium (K) and Calcium (Ca) proven to elevate moisture & nutrition elements, from the inner layers of the skin to the surface where it is needed the most. The Osmoter™ is content in every AHAVA productThe Osmoter ™, concentrated extract uniquede minerals from the Dead Sea, is developed through a natural evaporation process. It contains magnesium, calcium and potassium, in scientifically balanced proportions. These elements allow the skin to optimize the operation of its cells.
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59.00 €
(-25.00%) 44.25 €
Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer... SPF20 / AHAVA
Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF20 50 ml

from 30 old - anti-dark spots

Day cream with multi-benefit, anti-aging moisturizer that slows the production of dark spots,...
In Stock
12.50 €
(-24.96%) 9.38 €
Even Tone & Radiance Kit Discovery / AHAVA
Kit : Even Tone & Radiance
from 30 old & anti dark spots

1 Day cream
1 Purifying Mud Mask
1 Sleeping cream
In Stock
69.00 €
(-25.00%) 51.75 €
Extreme Day Cream - Anti-aging 50 ml / AHAVA
Extreme Day Cream 50 ml
For mature skin - anti-wrinkles

A rich, daily moisturizer that targets wrinkle reduction, supports firmness, neutralizes free radicals and fortifies the natural skin barrier..
In Stock
59.80 €
(-20.00%) 47.84 €
Serum Age Control Brightening ... / AHAVA
Serum Age Control Brightening and Renewal 30 ml
From 30 old & Anti- Dark spots

A potent night treatment that significantly reduces the appearance of dark spots and promotes a brighter complexion
In Stock
59.90 €
(-24.99%) 44.93 €
Sleeping Cream Age Control Even Tone / AHAVA
Sleeping Cream Age Control Even Tone 50 ml
From 30 old - Anti-Dark spots

A richly textured night cream that nourishes and diminishes early signs of aging, and refines skin’s texture and tone